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BFT 15 Headstrong AFC 0 19.02.22


Squad. 1.Ant Townend 2. Ant Gilderdale 3. Immi Dickinson 5.Paul Oldham 6. Arron Whitewood 7.Dave Ireland (C) 8.Harry Camilleri 9. Scott Geyer 10. Chad Bertram 11. Chris Bardsley 12. Chris Giles 13. Jamie Nay 14. Shane Connolly 15. Ant Barrot

Our 2nd game of the year brought the lads from Headstrong AFC over to Stanley Park 3G for our first home game of 2022. The weather man decided to hit us with snow…..yes thats right actual snow literally hours before kick off and so the management were trying their best to ensure it was kept on and finally we were told its ok to play we couldnt wait.

The dressing room was buzzing with 4 debutants in Chris Bardsley,Chris Giles, Scott Geyer & Jamie Nay all raring to go and the Gaffer “Martin Warburton rallied his troops together with assistant manager for the day Ant Barrot and with the line up announced it was now down to the players.

In our sessions we play very good football, we like to say were a decent side but for some reason everything clicked today with some of the best football we have seen us play since we started added together with clinical finishing from the returning Chad Bertram who claimed a massive 5 goals in a goalfest. The scoreline doesnt reflect our visitors who were very organized and had excellent technical players who know the game but a lack of a presence up front and with a dominant back 4 display from Immi Dickinson (LB), Arron Whitewood (CB) Paul Oldham (CB) and Ant Gilderdale (RB) they struggled to get through on goal and when they did they unfortunately met undoubtedly BFT’s current Number 1 Ant Townend. A midfield that contains the likes of Harry, Shane, Liam and Jamie is always going to have a bad day at the office and on this occasion that all played out of their skins, Shane can now successfully jump 8ft like Ronaldo! A special mention for Scott Geyer whom hasnt had the best of times of late in the sessions and having changed his position it was great to see him get his goal!!

Headstong AFC should be very proud that they kept going in what must have been difficult and as the players walked off shaking hands they were full of praise for them admired them for going all 90 mins and never stopping! I will finish with what the ref Colin had said to me “That was the finest game of football I have seen in a while and most importantly played how football should be”!

Football is always the winner.

Man of the Match – Ant Gilderdale “Oozed class on and off the ball, technically superb”! – Gaffer