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BFT Xmas Annual Awards 2021


Winners – Everyone!

Here at Blackpool Football Therapy everyone is a winner but obviously we cant buy 80 awards, from its inception in June 2021 to now we have embraced new members, helped them improve socially, mentally and physically. We are not only a football club we are a place for people to go and chat and enjoy the game as we all remember it.

So if your reading this and want to get out of the house again, play a little football under zero pressure and become apart of the only exclusive mental health football team in Blackpool then go ahead and join now!

Here are our inaugural winners for 2021 and we are so proud of them.

Best Dressed: Damien Dinsmore ( Shorts and tee)

Admin of The Year – Martin “The Gaffer” Warburton

Chris Morgan Inspiration Award – Chris Morgan (1st ever recipient)

Defender of the Year – Paul Oldham

Goalkeeper of the year – Ant Townend

Forward of the Year – Scotty Martin

Players Player of the year – Liam Underwood

BFT Prestige Award 2021 – Paul Moore