Encourage - Motivate - Inspire

Old Knackers FC vs Blackpool Football Therapy FC – 24-Oct-2021
Old Knackers FC


Blackpool Football Therapy FC were delighted to accept the challenge of a friendly game of Association Football from Old Knackers FC.

The match takes place at the HQ of The Lancashire Football Association on Sunday 24th October 2021, kick-off 6pm.

Old Knackers FC are a charity fundraising team based from Lancashire. From their website – “A team consisting of hard working and passionate players, coaches and trainers.  Basically we love to play football despite our age, physicality and fitness.  We work hard together to play good football and all said and done we want to win.  We take great pride in supporting local people and charities and are always looking for the next challenge.”

The BTFC Management Team for this fixture has been announced as follows:

Manager – Chris Giles (Coach Lasso)

Assistant – Martin Warburton (Coach Kent)

Assistant – Craig Noteboom (Coach Beard)

Kitman – Ant Barrot (Coach Nate)

Team Captain – Damian Dinsmore

Assistant Captain – TBA

Blackpool Football Therapy FC Squad

Stewart Haslam, Ant Townend, Paul Moore, Aaron McGarry, Sam Allison, Ant Barrot, Shane Connolly, Liam Underwood, Damo Dinsmore, Robin Duncan, Toby Royales, Scotty Martin, Ant Whittle, Christian Johnstone, Chris Morgan, Paul Oldham, Luke Jackson.

What You Need To Know

Venue – The County Ground, Thurston Rd, Leyland PR25 2LF

Arrival – 5pm prompt, lifts can be arranged.

Warm-up – 5.30pm

Squad Photo – 5.55pm

Kick-off – 6pm

Line-Up – The 2 keepers will play 45 mins each, we’ll leave them to fight that out amongst themselves, don’t get involved as, being goalkeepers, they are both clearly mad. The rest of the squad players will perform approx 50-60 mins each, dependent on fitness/injuries. Some may do the first 50-60 mins, some the last 50-60 mins, some 25-ish mins each half. Hopefully, we’ll get everyone playing some decent minutes in their favoured role!

Changing Room Playlist – Provided by the Captain, please do not apply any criticism or blame to the Manager or his Assistants for this!


1 – When you’re on the pitch – Enjoy It!

2 – When you’re off the pitch – Encourage, Motivate, Inspire.

3 – No backchat to the ref.

4 – If you foul an opposition player, apologise and help them back up.

5 – If you get fouled, don’t make a scene or go down like a sack of spuds clutching your face. Simply get back up and politely explain exactly what will occur the next time you go into a challenge with them. If intimidated, have a word with McGarry, Oldham or Allison, they will take it from there.

6 – Win!