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Old Knackers 1 BFT FC 10

The tangerine boys first 11 a side game saw them travel up the motorway to Lancashire FA to play against our mushy pea loving rivals The Old Knackers. The management team chosen was Manager Chris Giles and assistants Martin Warburton and Craig Noteboom.

After what can only be described as one of he best team talks ive ever been involved in, the lads were nervous but excited everyone was eager to get changed and get onto the pitch and the gaffers formation…. you guessed it 4 – 4 f@^*cking 2!

The very first starting line up consisted of:

GK 1 Ant Townend 2 Robin Duncan 3 Paul Moore 5 Aaron McGarry 14 Sam Allison 4 Shane Connolly 8 Ant Barrot 11 Luke Jackson 3 Chris Morgan 10 Damo Dinsmore (C) 9 Toby Royales

Bench: 7 Dave Ireland 15 Liam Underwood 12 Christian Johnstone 17 Ant Whittle 16 Scotty Martin

The game itself probably went alot better than anyone would have thought, all the lads involved played as a team and played the BFT way, pass move and play the very best football you can every player played this game to their absolute best ability, forget the win it was all about the progression that so many have made these last 4/5 months and for that you should all be very proud.

Gaffer Chris Giles had this to say after the match…..

“Well things couldnt have gone any better really could they, from start to finish we were on our best games, credit to the old knackers they kept going and got a deserved goal towards the end although im not sure our keeper is best pleased, today was just fantastic to watch”